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Diagnostic Testing Specialist

Sebring Medical Walk-In Clinic

General Practitioner located in Sebring, FL

Diagnostic testing provides a quick, convenient, and affordable way to pinpoint potentially serious underlying health problems. At Sebring Medical Walk-In Clinic, with two locations in Sebring, Florida, Cirilo Seralde, Jr., MD, and the team provide several types of diagnostic testing, including comprehensive laboratory work, electrocardiograms, and 24-hour blood pressure monitoring. To schedule an appointment, book online, or call the nearest office to speak with a caring staff member today.

Diagnostic Testing

What is diagnostic testing?

Diagnostic testing is a group of screening procedures used to detect health problems. In addition, these measures assist in guiding treatment and help evaluate its effectiveness.

Diagnostic testing falls into two categories –– invasive or non-invasive. Examples of non-invasive diagnostic testing include X-rays, MRIs, and blood pressure monitoring. Some common types of invasive diagnostic testing include endoscopy and blood draws.

What are some common types of diagnostic testing?

The team at Sebring Medical Walk-In Clinic offers several types of diagnostic testing on-site, including:

Comprehensive lab work

Laboratory panels, or lab work, analyze samples of bodily fluids or tissue, including blood, urine, or skin. The type of lab work that will most benefit you depends on your age, health history, and symptoms. Some of the most common types of lab work include a complete blood count (CBC), a thyroid panel, urinalysis, and glycated hemoglobin (A1C) test.

Electrocardiograms (EKG)

An electrocardiogram is a diagnostic test used to monitor your heart’s electrical impulses. During an electrocardiogram, the team at Sebring Medical Walk-In Clinic attaches several electrodes to your arms and torso.

The electrodes collect information used to detect potentially serious health problems, including abnormal heart rhythm and blocked or narrowed arteries. EKGs are quick, highly accurate, and entirely pain-free.

24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

If the team suspects you have high blood pressure, they might recommend 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. During this type of diagnostic test, you wear a blood pressure cuff on your upper arm for a full day. The cuff connects to a monitor and records your blood pressure three times an hour while you’re awake, and once an hour while you’re asleep.

What type of diagnostic testing is right for me?

To determine the type of diagnostic testing that’s right for you, the team at Sebring Medical Walk-In Clinic conducts a physical exam, reviews your medical history, and asks about your symptoms and lifestyle. After conducting a thorough evaluation, the team can make testing recommendations that align with your needs.

Don’t wait to undergo diagnostic testing at Sebring Medical Walk-In Clinic. Book an appointment online, or call the nearest office to speak with a caring member of the administrative staff today.