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Cirilo Medina Seralde, Jr, MD

General Practice Medicine located in Sebring, FL


Meet Dr. Seralde

Cirilo Seralde, Jr., MD, is a general practitioner with 34 years of experience at Sebring Medical Walk-In Clinic, with two locations in Sebring, Florida. Dr. Seralde makes it a point to serve everyone with his family-oriented style of care that combines traditional and alternative medicine. 

Dr. Seralde began his education at the Phillippine Union College in the Phillippines, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in biology. He then attended Manila Central University College of Medicine in the Phillippines, where he obtained his Doctor of Medicine. After completing two general surgery residencies, Dr. Seralde relocated to the United States where he enrolled in additional training courses pertaining to family practice, geriatric training, primary care, and aesthetics. 

Throughout his time as a general practitioner, Dr. Seralde has worked in a variety of settings, including walk-in clinics and surgical centers. He is licensed by the State of Florida Department of Professional Regulation Board of Medicine Examiners.

Insurance Information

Sebring Medical Walk-in Clinic accepts most major private insurances. Insurance billing is professionally managed by SOLINMED, LLC. on a timely manner. For questions about your coverage, please call the office.

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